Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cupcake by Rachel Cohn

Hey readers!! Here is the begining of those promised blogs!! Please enjoy.

" New exsitance, let's get this party started."

when Cyd Charisse moves from San Francisoco to New York City, she leaves behind her family-and her true love, Shrimp.

She wants to find a cool job, the city's best caffenation and most perfect cupcake, and a hot new love. But just as CC begins to settle into her fablous independent life, who shows up on her doorstop but Shrimp.

Does CC's future lie in conquering the city alone, or in being with Shrimp and following wherever the surf takes them?

Cupcake was an OK read. I had bought the book earlier this summer and never got around to reading it. During this book i got tired and frustrated of what was going on. Cc loves Shrimp but left him and when she's in the city she is desprate for him but when her beloved shrimp shows up she is distant and then this cycle starts agian he leaves she finds him but wont stay with him even though they are soul mates. I did not like that at all i wanted to scream at CC the entire time!! The book is not high on my list and I wouldn't sugest it.

Cupcakes Ratings

charchters ~ 2

Story ~ 4

Plot~ 4

Written~ 6

Cover~ 7

Ending~ 3

Overall~ 5

Sorry Folks,

S.S Midnight

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